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Exciting News: Yoga District, Teacher Training. 200hr.

     I have been awarded a Full Scholarship. (June - August 2015.)

Welles, Donna E. 

Tajikistan, Regional & Eurasian Context.

     Published, The Daily Journalist. 23,7. 2015. 

Bulgaria’s Manufacturing Base, Electrical Equipment & Clothing Apparel.

​     Published, The Daily Journalist. 16,7. 2015. 

Spain & Norway, Disparity in Unemployment Rates.

     See my blog. 9,7. 2015. 

Iceland and the United Kingdom, Joint Economic Indicators.

     See my blog. 2,7. 2015. 

Ethiopia, Literacy per Unemployment Rates.

     Published, The Daily Journalist. 26,6. 2015. 

Zimbabwe, Armed Forces & Inflation.

     See my blog. 18,6. 2015. 

Ecuador, Economic Profile 2015.

     Published, The Daily Journalist. 13,6. 2015. 

Food Shortages in Venezuela, In Context. 

     Published, The Daily Journalist. 4,6. 2015. 

Nigeria, as President Muhammadu Buhari. Time Capsule.

     Published, The Daily Journalist. 31,5. 2015. 

Burundi, Paradox of Pierre N’s Second, Maybe Third Term.

     Published, The Daily Journalist. 25,5. 2015. 

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