Recent Publications

The complete works of Ivo Andric. Library of Congress. Spring/Summer 2017. 

Tales of old Sarajevo, The Kaddish. (1928). Isak Samokovlija. 13,4. 2017. 

Belgrade and Berlin. Source: 2017 World Almanac.9,2. 2017. 

Hamburg 1867. A Brief History of Hamburg by Matthew Jefferies.22,1. 2017. 

​​Hamburg 831 AD. A Brief History of Hamburg by Matthew Jefferies. 22,1. 2017. 

Portuguese Gold Mining Operations in BrazilPublished, The Daily Journalist. 2,11. 2016. 

El Salvador and Manufacturing ExportsPublished, The Daily Journalist. 24,10. 2016. 

An Overview of the Argentinian EconomyPublished, The Daily Journalist. 16,10. 2016. 

Trade Deficits in Paraguay and UruguayPublished, The Daily Journalist. 24,9. 2016. 

An Overview of the Brazilian EconomyPublished, The Daily Journalist. 18,9. 2016. 

Trade Deficits in Central AmericaPublished, The Daily Journalist. 7,9. 2016. 

An Inventory of South American DemographicsPublished, The Daily Journalist. 1,9. 2016. 

Nigerian Energy and the Commodities Markets.Published, The Daily Journalist. 24,8. 2016. 

Venezuela Economics and the Referendum. Published, The Daily Journalist. 18,8. 2016. 

Hue City and Ho Chi Minh City.See my blog. 9,8. 2016. 

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.See my blog. 9,8. 2016. 

Belgium in 1904.  See my blog. 29,7. 2016. 

Relative Unemployment, Czech and Slovak Republics. PublishedThe Daily Journalist. 3,9. 2015. 

Albania, Modern Land of Enver Hoxha.Published, The Daily Journalist. 27,8. 2015. 

The Netherlands, Land Area and GDP.Published, The Daily Journalist. 20,8. 2015. 

Unemployment in Ireland, Economic Profile. Published, The Daily Journalist. 6,8. 2015. 

Malaysia, Growth Market for Telecommunications. Published, The Daily Journalist. 30,7. 2015. 

Tajikistan, Regional & Eurasian Context. Published, The Daily Journalist. 23,7. 2015. 

Bulgaria’s Manufacturing Base, Electrical Equipment & Clothing Apparel.  Published, The Daily Journalist. 16,7. 2015. 

Spain & Norway, Disparity in Unemployment Rates. See my blog. 9,7. 2015. 

Iceland and the United Kingdom, Joint Economic Indicators.  See my blog. 2,7. 2015. 

Ethiopia, Literacy per Unemployment Rates.  Published, The Daily Journalist. 26,6. 2015. 

Zimbabwe, Armed Forces & Inflation.  See my blog. 18,6. 2015. 

Ecuador, Economic Profile 2015. Published, The Daily Journalist. 13,6. 2015. 

Food Shortages in Venezuela, In Context. Published, The Daily Journalist. 4,6. 2015. 

Nigeria, as President Muhammadu Buhari. Time Capsule. Published, The Daily Journalist. 31,5. 2015. 

Burundi, Paradox of Pierre N’s Second, Maybe Third Term. Published, The Daily Journalist. 25,5. 2015. 

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